User information
Full name TP Percival
Other names
Personality lazy, mad, crazy, hot tempered, extremely greedy, serious, intelligent, nearly idiotic, a bit paranoid,
Occupation Loner, Goalkeeper, Computer whizzer etc.
Home Bolton, England
Allies JeremyCreek
Likes Football, computer, swimming, Wii Sports, Warner Bros. films, Videocassettes, DVDs
Dislikes Being harassed, Categories along with pages and edits removed,
Gender Male

The name's TPercival, I am the fan of all Warner Bros. films, TV series, etc. I am also a fan of The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot, and Space Jam.

I am similar to Adolf Hitler from Downfall, Ruber from The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot, Hopper from A Bug's life and Scar from The Lion King. But I'm actually a good person.

I'm a member of other wikis: The FBI Warning Screens,Logopedia, Warner Bros. Animation Wiki, Public Information Film Wiki, Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, Nickipedia, BBC Wiki, ChuckleVision, Disney Wiki, and Closing Logo Group Wikia.

I am also a founder of three wikis: Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki, Company Bumpers Wiki and Sony Pictures Entertainment Wiki.

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My Favorite Warner Bros. Cartoons[edit | edit source]

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