This article is about the 1931 cartoon. For the 1964 cartoon of the same name starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, see Dumb Patrol.
Dumb Patrol is a 1931 animated short starring Bosko.


Bosko in his scrappy, anthropomorphic plane and a fearsome beast in his awesome, cannon-hauling machine are in a dogfight, and Bosko loses. His plane is vaporized in mid-air, but Bosko's fall is broken by the keys of a piano. Bombs have destroyed most of the house surrounding the piano, but the instrument itself is undamaged. Bosko meets Honey, a French girl who happens to skip by. His piano playing impresses her, but the fearsome beast interrupts his performance by dropping a bomb on him. This time Bosko uses a dachshund for an airplane by spinning its head around like a propeller. Now, with a homemade machine gun and the pickets from a picket fence for bullets, Bosko can't lose.